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What is a polygraph test?

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Poly - meaning ‘many’ Graph - meaning chart with markings on.

The meaning of Forensic Psychophysiology?

Forensic - Means it is scientific and can be used at the CCMA, or in court as expert evidence.

Psychophysiology - The branch of physiology dealing with the relationship between physiological processes and thoughts, emotions, and behaviour.

The fear of detection of deception (lying), evokes, certain changes in the body, which are then mechanically measured, by the polygraph, which is a diagnostic instrument, making use of 3 or 4 recording components. The pneumograph- measures upper body movement.

The cardiograph - measures heart rate and pulse.

Galvanograph - measures sweat gland activity.

There are three phases to the test

Pre-test interview, consent form, discuss rights, discusses relevant issue, and acquaintance test, medical suitability

During-test run numerous tests, ask reviewed questions in different sequences, various question techniques employed, components record throughout the charts.

Post-test charts are scored; results are given to person requesting the test, results discussed with examinee, further interrogation if needed, writing of statement, post – test form .

The average accuracy of the polygraph is in the region of 90-98%. Voice stress analysis in the region of 40-45% accuracy.